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The newest member of our seat family; The Grom Bench seat has been developed for the taller rider. The  Grom Bench features a faux carbon fiber seating area with just the right amount  of gripper on the seat sides to maintain the best control. Gel-Core comfort comes standard with the Grom Bench seat providing the most comfort in any seat.

2014-2016 Grom 125 Bench Seat

SKU: 0810-H036
    • Designed and made in the USA
    • Eliminates the rolling forward effect that the stock seat creates
    • Gelcore technology reduces vibration and shock that no other seat offers
    • Designed for the taller rider providing a large seating platform for maximum comfort.
    • Installs easily with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions included
  • 2014 Honda Grom Grom 125

    2015 Honda Grom Grom 125

    2016 Honda Grom Grom 125

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