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The newest member of our seat family; The Honda Grom Low seats has been developed to position the rider lower for better control and riding confidence. Each saddle is low, wide, and comfortable, with carefully designed contours that permit the rider to securely plant their feet when at a stop. The Grom Low is now the perfect seat choice for smaller riders who desire comfort and style.

2014-2016 Grom 125 Low Seat

SKU: 0810-H035
    • Designed and made in the USA
    • Eliminates the rolling forward effect that the stock seat creates
    • Gelcore technology reduces vibration and shock that no other seat offers
    • Our tall lumbar support and wide driver saddle supports the back and legs for superior comfort, while the streamlined nose improves the rider's reach to the ground.
    • Installs easily with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions included
  • 2014 Honda Grom Grom 125

    2015 Honda Grom Grom 125

    2016 Honda Grom Grom 125

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