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High Volume High Pressure Oil Pump Kit With Gears For 1992-'99 HD® Big Twins - S

SKU: 31-6298
  • Fitment: 1992-'99 HD® big twin Features & Benefits: Standard cover. No thicker than a stock pump. Gears with fewer, but larger teeth provide increased oil volume for both supply and return sides of the pump. Supply gears are 9% wider than stock and standard S&S® oil pumps. 28% wider than stock return gears ensure proper crankcase scavenging, reduce drag on the flywheels, and eliminate oil carryover. Polished Billet Finish. Increased scavenging capacity results in: Less oil in the crankcase, Less oil carryover, Excess oil from pressure control valve is filtered & longer pump life. Equipped with a stock length oil pump drive shaft.

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