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In the fall of 2007, S&S introduced an engine with a retro look, but with updated technology. The panhead engine has been hailed as the coolest looking classic engine of all time, and the Flathead Power™ P-Series engines from S&S capture that retro styling from the 50's and 60's, but with 21st century engineering. Keep in mind that as cool as these motors look, they are not reproductions. These engines were built to run!

P93 Complete Assembled Engine for 1965-'69 Chassis

SKU: 106-0820
    • Designed for 1965-1969 Harley-Davidson® generator style chassis
    • Super E carburetor
    • Heads are a new design based on S&S heads for shovels
    • Uses S&S roller rockers for shovel engines 1.500 ratio
    • Uses readily available S&S cylinders for shovels
    • S&S hydraulic valve train
    • S&S Super Stock ignition and billet timer
    • S&S 585 Camshaft
    • S&S Cast Pistons
    • 8.2:1 Compression
    • Two Year Warranty
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