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Standard Forged Rocker Arm Kit For 1986-'18 HD® Big Twins And 1986-'19 HD® Sport

SKU: 900-4119A
  • Fits: 1984-'18 HD® big twins and 1986-'19 HD® Sportster® models. Kit contains 2 front and 2 rear rocker arms. S&S® now offers an economical solution for stock rebuilds, and mild performance upgrades. S&S® standard rocker arms are forged from 8620 steel for greater strength than stock forged or cast steel rocker arms. In addition, they feature the same 3/4" long rocker shaft bushings that our S&S® roller rocker arms do. Thousands of hours of engine testing have proved them to be superior to other non-roller rocker arms. The 3/4" long bronze bushings provide 50% more load bearing area than the 1/2" long bushings used in stock and other aftermarket rocker arms.

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