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Super Stock® Ignition Module for Shovel Head 103" 1966-'84.

SKU: 55-1343
  • Fits: 1966-'84 103" Shovel Head. Module only. Modules can be set to kick-start or electric-start mode by an S&S dealer using the Super Stock diagnostic cable and software. Electric-start mode allows the pre-ignition cranking to be set anywhere from 1 to 4 engine revolutions (only available with current modules – earlier modules cannot be updated). Pre-programmed ignitions are custom tailored for a specific S&S engine – no need for adjustments. Single fire operation – requires a single fire coil for single spark plug applications. Dual plugged applications require a pair of two tower coils or a single four tower coil. Minimum 3.0Ohm primary resistance. Overload and short circuit protected. VOES switches to less aggressive curve under load or hard acceleration. 6300 rpm rev-limiter. 24-hour break-in rev-limiter – prevents damage during break-in. Data logging diagnostic capabilities.

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