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Air flow is everything in a performance engine and naturally it begins at the air filter. Factory units are downright boxy and can be very restricitve. The S&S Cycle Tuned Induction Air Cleaner utilizes two laser cut and highly engineered tubes merged into a single collecter and fed by a pair of high flow air flilters placed directly in the air flow. The end result is maximum performance for your engine and a stylish package.

Tuned Induction Kit in Chrome for 2017-2020 HD® M8 Models

SKU: 170-0566A
    • Bolt-on performance—over twice the filtering area over stock intake system
    • 44% Increase in flow
    • Smooth intake tract of carefully selected tuned lengths increases performance
    • High flow washable and reusable cotton media filter elements provide performance, protection, and economy
    • Exempt from emissions tampering regulations under CARB EO# D-355-37
  • The Tuned Induction System will not fit on motorcycles equipped with fairing lower glove boxes or Twin-Cooled™ models

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